Les Spiritueux Iberville


Miele is the first amaretto to use honey, and not any honey, local organic honey. On the nose, we first appreciate the apricot pit bouquet, typical of amaretto.  Follow the sweet notes of almonds and pears. On the pallet, camomile and ginger join in offering a delicate freshness. Grilled sesame concludes the experience


In Italy, the tomato is called Pomodoro or ‘’The Golden Apple’’. First arrived in Italy as a stranger, the tomato rapidly became a cultural phenomenon in the country. Infused with tomato, that fruit we now treat like a vegetable, Pomodoro will charm by its tomato flavour and its subtle basil notes.

Amer Amer

Amer Amer is simply a double bitter, literally. For those who love bitterness. This Italian style bitter is made out of strawberries, rhubarb, ruby red grapefruit and spruce. That last ingredient reminds us that this bitter is born and will be raised here, in Quebec. At IBRV, we believe bitterness is more than a flavor, it’s a sensation.


Amernoir is a bitter digestif inspired by the style of Italian amaros with a touch of local peppery green alder and a mix of spices that are reminiscent of the aromas of Quebec’s terroir. With notes of coffee, cocoa, sarsaparilla, mint and orange, this herb liqueur is the perfect after-meal drink to unleash the evening.


Treat yourself by indulging in the rituals of *l’apéro* with Amermelade, the first Québec made bitter *apéritif.* In a bottle of Amermelade, you will find the history of classic italian *aperitivi* and a deliciously fresh wind of change with local flavours such as sweet gale and sea buckthorn.

Les Subversifs

Le Réduit de Léo

An old tradition from sugar season lives on: adding gin to maple reduction to create a truly unique liqueur that is Quebec’s own. Produced from the renowned Marie-Victorin gin, previously known as Piger Henricus. This product is a tribute to Léo Major — learn more about his story here.

La Vodka de Irma

Staying true to the most natural of manufacturing traditions, La Vodka de Irma is produced from pure demineralized water, making it clear as crystals and smooth as silk. It is the only Quebec vodka made from wheat and is naturally gluten-free. This product is a tribute to Irma Levasseur — learn more about her story here.

Le Gin de Marie-Victorin

Our Gin de Marie-Victorin is slowly distilled in small batches using a 350-litre still, which is what gives it its exceptional quality. Known up until recently as Piger Henricus, ours was the first gin to be micro-distilled in Quebec. Its uniqueness lies in the steeping of parsnips just prior to bottling, culminating in its distinctive flavour. This product is a tribute to Marie-Victorin — learn more about his story here.

La Crème de Menthe de Isabelle

This liqueur stems from the meeting of three simple, but effective ingredients: alcohol, sugar and, above all, organic mint grown in Quebec. A classic revisited, with a finesse never before seen. To try it is to make it your own. This product is a tribute to Isabelle Montour — learn more about her story here.

La Maison Sivo

Série Liquoriste Framboise

This raspberry liquor is truly natural: no added flavors, aromas or coloring. Only fresh raspberries. Its color, a rich pink with red reflections, is as intense as its flavor. Taste wise, a bit of acidity reminds the drinker of some formal uses of this well-known berry: it’s like drinking sherbet.

Série Liquoriste Rhubarbe

This rhubarb liqueur, the first to be marketed in Quebec, is the fruit of steeping the perennial plant. Its colour, its aromas, and its taste are the product of rhubarb grown exclusively in our own backyard. Perfect on ice, as an aperitif or a digestif.


This Scandinavia-inspired spirit is a cousin to gin. Steeped with caraway, its signature ingredient, it will definitely satisfy lovers of white, herbaceous liqueurs.

Série Liquoriste Shámán

This product contains a high percentage of alcohol and a very reasonable amount of sweetness. Shámán’s preparation includes selective maceration, blending, and aging inside new Hungarian oak barrels. Best served cold, Shámán will surprise you with its power. It’ll also find its way into your regular cocktail rotation, making each drink wonderfully bolder.

Le Single Malt

Quebec’s first whisky! A powerful, rich, and elegant whisky that offers fruity notes. Time spent in Sauternes casks brings out a certain roundness and sweetness, as well as fine notes of candied fruits and pastry. Malted barley from Quebec is freshly ground at our distillery, then worked over with spring water from the Montérégie region. Aging takes place in new Hungarian oak casks, followed by a maturing period in Sauternes casks.

Le Rye

Quebec’s first whisky! The aging process develops complex rye aromas to highlight its fruity fragrance, notes of soft spices and fresh pepper, and subtle wood accents. The grains that go into this rye are sourced locally in Quebec in proportions of 1/3 malted barley and 2/3 rye. Aging takes place in new Hungarian oak casks, followed by a maturing period in Porto casks.