Spiritueux Iberville, Amermelade et Amernoir

Bouteille Amermelade


Dive into l’apéro!

Treat yourself by indulging in the rituals of *l’apéro* with Amermelade, the first Québec made bitter *apéritif.* In a bottle of Amermelade, you will find the history of classic italian *aperitivi* and a deliciously fresh wind of change with local flavours such as sweet gale and sea buckthorn.

Bouteille Amernoir


Unleash the evening!

Amernoir is a bitter digestif inspired by the style of Italian amaros with a touch of local peppery green alder and a mix of spices that are reminiscent of the aromas of Quebec’s terroir. With notes of coffee, cocoa, sarsaparilla, mint and orange, this herb liqueur is the perfect after-meal drink to unleash the evening.

Bouteille Amer Amer

Amer Amer

The experience of bitterness.

Amer Amer is simply a double bitter, literally. For those who love bitterness. This Italian style bitter is made out of strawberries, rhubarb, ruby red grapefruit and spruce. That last ingredient reminds us that this bitter is born and will be raised here, in Quebec. At IBRV, we believe bitterness is more than a flavor, it’s a sensation.

Bouteille Pomodoro


A tomato flavoured vodka.

In Italy, the tomato is called Pomodoro or ‘’The Golden Apple’’. First arrived in Italy as a stranger, the tomato rapidly became a cultural phenomenon in the country. Infused with tomato, that fruit we now treat like a vegetable, Pomodoro will charm by its tomato flavour and its subtle basil notes.

Bouteille Miele


Queen of all Italian liqueurs, amaretto is elegant, sumptuous and brilliant.

Miele is the first amaretto to use honey, and not any honey, local organic honey. On the nose, we first appreciate the apricot pit bouquet, typical of amaretto.  Follow the sweet notes of almonds and pears. On the pallet, camomile and ginger join in offering a delicate freshness. Grilled sesame concludes the experience